Monday, January 17, 2011

Forgive us

Young girls found a dying dog in Juntolovskiy park in St.Petersburg. There was a lot of blood, but girls didn't get afraid and called the service for lost and found dogs. When people came, almost dead dog started to crawl in a panic. They caught him and brought to the hospital.

What they saw shocked even doctors who seemed to be used to everything. The dog was young, only 3 years old, and strong. Could see that he lived in the house. What was his fault, who were these people and why they did it, but the dog was hung by legs on the wire. The wire was very tight and the dog was hanging until the legs fell apart. It was impossible to save them, there was just nothing left. But it was not enough. The dog was beaten, and the neck cut. Probably people who did it thought that the dog was dead and they left. The dog without legs fell down and then the girls found him.
The dog was operated and treated in the hospital, he will never be able to walk again as normal.
Doctors decided to keep him alive. Somebody will say that it's against a good will, that it's anti-human.
But what the fuck you are speaking about humanity when a person, people did these to the dog!

Now I want you to see the pictures. Dare to look. What did people who grew from the children.

The dog was operated and both back legs, what was left, were amputated.
The doctors and people who care try to do their best now to make the dog return to the normal life, to find a home and caring people who will accept him.
I know the girl who is taking care. They need any help.

Yandex internet money of the hospital: 41001197974518
The name of the dog is "Bonus". Bonus-second chance to get a life.
He's at the moment in the animal clinic Fillmora (им. А. Филлмора), Saint-Petersburg, pr. Engelsa, 154.
(Санкт-Петербург, пр. Энгельса д. 154 , Здание торгово-развлекательного комплекса "Гранд Каньон" (въезд с улицы Шостаковича).
Phone: 335-33-82

People from St.Petersburg can visit the clinic in the hours:
Monday с 17-00 до 20-00
Wednesday с 17-00 до 20-00
Friday с 17-00 до 20-00
Sunday с 15-00 до 18-00


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