Friday, January 21, 2011

When dreams come true

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This is Frosya. She and other 44 dogs live at Ilya's cottage house.

For about 20 years Ilya collects dogs on the streets, cures them and keeps to live at his house. Half of the dogs have no breed, the other half neither, but have experience to know what is a human race, these dogs are bitten, half alive. They are invalids. Ilya gives them help, food, house and warmth - everything they didn't have in the big City. 

The dogs are everywhere in the house, they have several rooms on the first floor. They go around, lay on the sofas, and some, who are not afraid of people, let you touch them and talk to them.

The most demanding for attention is Frosya. She doesn't have a left hand but doesn't notice it and tries to hug you with both.

The small dog behind doesn't let unknown people to come close. These dogs who were beaten don't trust humans.

Two old sheepdogs live in the separate room. The black one doesn't hear anything. After two brain attacks her face is wry. She silently puts her face into your hand, says hi.

Next to the main house there are two smaller warm ones. Big dogs live there. Ilya remembers all the names and stories where and how he found them.

This dog somebody used as a shooting target, she has a bullet in the front hand.

Ilya bought two carts and two dogs with broken spines now drive around by them. Tosha..

And Musha. Ilya put soft plastic around the metal, so that the dogs feel comfortable.

At home Tosha can only lay without moving on the sofa.

The small dog behind Frosya is just recovering from a very complicated head trauma. She has a broken jaw and almost doesn't walk.

Some people might heard about famous American dog Roadie who can run on two legs. Ilya has a dog called Tobi, who runs not worse than his American "brother". Tobi was found with the legs cut by something sharp. Doctors wanted to put the dog to sleep but Ilya's wife was against and she cured the him. He's very much afraid of unknown people but physically feels himself excellent.

This is how he runs.

Some dogs don't even move when you pass by.

"I'm so lucky, amazingly lucky, I found home" - he thought before falling asleep.

This is how dogs heaven in the forest look like.

Болезнь хуже. Хочу чтобы все закончилось.
Снова плачу.

Благослови Вас Господь.


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