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Last Hero of our times

Sergey Bodrov "Eight events that influenced me, or How I grew up to be a good man"

All these events happened during first 16 years of my life. Frankly speaking, after that time nothing affected me for real..
Children think a lot about life and know very few about it. That's why they have more information in their heads than they can see and ask. In other words, their inner world is much bigger and richer than the outside one. 

When I was a small boy I thought myself to be very smart. At least I could hardly imagine a person smarter than me, may be just a few adults. This belief disappeared after I read "Childhood, Boyhood, and Youth" by Leo Tolstoy. I was amazed that the author described the same feelings by the same words as me. About that time I learned about the Infinity of the Universe. 
I understood how many small inner worlds exist, and what a big nonsoluble world they build..

Once I stole my friend's toy car. I could not play with it. Began to suffer terribly. Mom found out and advised me to call boy's parents. Shame was horrible, just the idea of calling - unbearable, but I made my decision.
Then I realized that courageous actions are more difficult to perform than disgraceful, but they make you stronger..

Once I went to the pioneering camp because I was in love with the girl. Before that I was in the camp only once and ran away from there. This time I was appointed to be the person to carry the flag. I really liked white gloves, red ribbon over the shoulder and the cap, but it turned out that at the end of the ceremony I would have to kiss the flag. It seemed to me a bit unnatural, especially, to say honestly, by the time I had never kissed anybody. To cut it short, the appointment did not take place in the end. Moreover, I did not participate in any public activities, I didn't like to play the game "candle" and I never learned how to play drums. I didn't do anything wrong, but activists of the camp started to hate me. I had to run away from there again.

Then I realized that even if you're a good man, that doesn't mean that people will love you.. 

One day we were sitting with friends after classes in the schools cloakroom. Elementary teacher passed by and thought that we searching in the pockets. They started examination. The case of theft was announced at the parents' evening. It was impossible to explain ourselves, even parents started to doubt.  
Before that I lied, but usually unsuccessfully. Therefore, the power and authority of the truth for me were unconquerable.  
But then I realized that even if you're right, it doesn't mean that people will believe you. It turned out that you should fight for the truth..

Once on the cultural exchange program my class went to Hungary. Everything abroad shocked us. At home of my host there was a wine cellar, for lunch they ate soup from sweet cherries. Our age teenagers were driving girls on their own motorcycles, drank wine and partied at nights. We organized a friendly football match between students. Girls, of course, were in the audience. In short, you have never seen such battles! The battle of Borodino (refers to the largest one day action of the French invasion of Russia by Napoleon I) is nothing compared to this battle. We had to win. And we won. Then I realized something about patriotism..

In young years physical strength and sense of justice mean a lot. Therefore, in school I was often into fights. At sixteen I broke my classmate's nose. Police officer explained that according to the law it was a serious body injury. But after questioning he promised not to pursue the case, and offered to tell him regularly about cases of theft and distribution of pornography at school. He left the phone number. The paper had to be thrown away in the hall, because the victim was overhearing at the door. Then I realized that dignity must always be stronger than fear.. 

The first parting with the woman you love is never easy. I was also going through it badly until I sat down and wrote a soulful lyrical story about an submariner. At 4 a.m. I put a dot on the paper. I was healthy, and went to sleep.
Then I realized that art is the great power..

And the last. As a child I was amazed by the difference between a man and a woman. This wonder has not passed yet..

Sergei Bodrov Jr (27.12.1971 – 20.09. 2002) Russian actor, who became famous after the movies Brother and Brother-2 (Russia, US), which are recognized as the best portrait of late Russian 1990s. The main character, Danila Bagrov is the symbol of truth, dignity and patriotism of the modern days. 

Sergey died in an ice slide in the mountains near Karmadon during shooting of his film The Messenger. Bodies not found yet. Never heard a single negative word about Bodrov, love to him in the culture is measureless. Call him the Last Hero of our times. 

Too much of intimacy is bad, and vice versa, if it's not enough people are ready to accomplish any feats. All what ever happened in the world literature - does not matter between close people or not - was due to the fact that someone wanted to be together. Or to break this closeness. That's it. The inner feeling of the world is important, because human nature is dual: on the one hand, he should be with someone ,on the other - he still has to be by himself. A few manage to be together and to preserve themselves.

Love a book and a woman and don't touch them with dirty hands.

(when asked if the education was useful in his life or not) Of course. Imagine you come to any city. What do you usually know about it? That there are a central square, some shops... And I know there is a painting in one of the museums and you can spend the whole day in front of it. And this one day is added to your life.

(from Brother-2 movie, holding a gun in front of the "bad guy") Tell me what is power! Power is money? My brother also says that power is money. You have a lot of money, so what? I think that power is the truth: who has the truth, he is stronger! And you let somebody down, made money out of it, did you become stronger? No, because there's no truth behind you. Truth is behind the one you let down! It means, he is stronger!

You stand on the corner of the busy street and imagine that you are not there. No, moreover, that you don't exist at all. People pass by, cars go around, doors of shops open, people at the bus stop change. The world continues to live without you. It's painful to understand. But important.

We all hope for the beautiful ending of this ugly life.



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