Monday, April 11, 2011

May be back to business: Day 05 - A picture of somewhere you’ve been to

I seriously thought we broke up with my good mood for ever.

Now try to make me upset, I'll fight back, that's for sure. There's nothing harder than sitting at home, reading books and wining about life.
Instead I make plans.

1. Chiquita Daisy Fabulous and her brother, Giani Versace . Coming to Finland on Sunday. My dog is the most loved girl in the world.

2. Eurovision 2011 in May with Alina-na-na. Düsseldorf. Follow the white rabbit.

3. Crimea, Ukraine, in July with Alina, her parents and dogs dogs dogs: "This number is not available now, please call later" (c)

4. New apartment. "Live by the sea in the house full of dogs and children" - remember?
Demo version, will you extend? (c)

5. New Plastics Students. See you soon!

 A picture of somewhere you’ve been to
Issyk Kul, the Kyrgyz Republic. Long ago!