Monday, December 13, 2010

A few words.

Even when I’m wrong I’m right, natural juices, gina tricot, smoothes, iphone, age limit, reports, Sinelnikov,pirkka, bread with brie cheese and a pear, marimekko pineapple dress, hot water from the toilet in the airport, Nepal, India, one internet cable for two, white socks, Arcada, kozel, leggings, guerlain powder, korres, warren buffet, german guys, italian guys, guys in general, tektonik, sasa’s summer place, lashes, dogs, Crimea, tea, mango, NBE, lost umbrellas, dermalogica, library loans, you just haven't meet the right guy yet, amica food, suki, parties, Russians everywhere, fleshed ipod, toilets for disabled, mac, no strong light in the room, Chester, Heffe’s island, mushrooms, blackberries, baby oil, London, Biomet, ginger tea, smoking, puhu minulle suomea, apricot stone, mudlo, jag talar littet svenska, sauna, honey, public toilets bushes, poor dad reach dad, couchsurfing, Eurovision, volunteers, Rautatientori, green farms, skype, so what, dresses, red luggage bags, cakes, cooking, I’m a good guy don’t worry, Dumb & Dumber, kiss me I’m Russian, let's take Tuomas he's so cute, flowers, vegetarian receipts book, Adecco,, cultural day, what ever is done is done for the best, free cashiers (my boyfriend left me. mine too. we are what? free cashiers), yoga, oversleeping, Amarillo,  Anastasiya, photosessions, i will come with a stick, modified Spanish strawberries, blackboard, Braunschweig, exchange students, Luutech, crematorium, cemetery, dark side club, queen of hearts, entrepreneurship, ceder nuts,  harmaja band, Moscow, Helsinki, Altay, mussels (midii) and buckwheat, laying on the floor and dying, see you when i see you, Vantaa, he has a cool degree, Hietsu beach, naked in the bus, picassa, I want it now, unreal, angry gulls, woman who sees the future, melodramas, pictures slideshow, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, K-market, restaurants in the centre, orange colour base cream for face, nu Leeeeen, brother louie, parents, sushi, pan cakes, rock the ballet, Hämenlinna, Tampere, Lady Gaga, he's a very good person, i gonna kill him, telescope, vkontakte, facebook, happy birthday at 8 a.m., he’s a finn, mina olen shockissa, face masks, coffee scrubs, iron, I know that you know everything better it’s just my opinion, they piss me off, hand made, ahahahah, from Alina with love, pupsik, crazy fan, story of stuff, reuse reduce recycle, everybody envies me, I haaaaaaaate you, business idea, he doesn’t understand, welcome to the club, 150l garbage bags,driving licence, shopping, I will show them all who is cool, nu Saaaaaaash, hoas, salad leaves, cheese and pomegranate with honey, dacha style, Sunday style, Aiesec, for free, pizza, paparazzi, Guess, make up with him he is cool, large square, don’t freak me off, Nutella, burberry, paining, Stockmann upper floor, cleaning, finance, Germany, let's.

To be continued as time goes..
The friend you want to have.


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